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Cold Goodbyes
I love it what you do to me
those silent constant giggles make
me pant. for more.
        spins    within
playing xylophone against my
ribs and organs
Like a monkey in a top hat
I will dance for your affection
say no more and bid for me with just
your lips and cherry wine
Lets get drunk from carbonate
and throw the cans out on the lawn
lets make caffeine love beneath the peering clouds
and let em watch us
what are clothes to wild animals or shame
to skin and bone?
You have freed me from the overhang of fear
You brazen witch
and placed me underneath your spell
with suit and tie, I do not like it
but alas you are my magic
and this monkey has a wand
its almost time that i should take us off this drug
with just a    flick
you're staggering with love near comatose
and so am i
this is why i must now leave you in your beauty and your laughter
no more giggling for you, I've brought you out within your shell
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 11 2
Take it away
Smoke filling my lungs,
       mother .
let me
      Cough            Choke
      Cough              Choke on it
Ash coating my tonsils
Back up against the wall and let it
Let it swirl into my system
Calm my nerves
Calm my          nerves!
Take this stress away
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 4 7
Move Along
Ferocious in your concern
Endless calling, countless texting
You are in love, I am assured
But that hardly matters now
To ignore some one like you
Is not the easiest of things
I want to answer, to respond
But you know I mustn't ever
Don't ask for an explanation
Don't ask for just a moment
You've said all that you could ever
Ever say
I know that you are hurting
I know that sleep is tight
I know because, like you,
I am truly suffering
But this is only for the best
You see I'm doing what I must
I feel like if I let you go,
Than I'll fly higher than before
I'm really sorry for the tears I've caused
And for the tears you've seen me shed
I know that only complicates what I've been saying all along
Sometimes its time to say goodbye
The time to fork our ways has come
Time to separate two paths that can't forever walk in step
You are ferocious in your love
And I so deeply value that
But when its time, than it is time
And it is time, to move along
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 6 7
My God
I don't see what you mean-
Don't know who or what you are
You are like whispers in my head
Small whisps
My imaginations' more imposing
I cannot see or feel your presence
Thought I did..
Just for a second
But I've never really known.
I'd feel, turn right
So I'd turn right
And then, turn left
And I'd go left
I was made to feel at times that maybe I'd
Become a Fool
I do not know when you are here
Not the slightest bit of clue
Sometimes its like you are a ghost
A mere illusion of my mind
But you insist that I am blind and cannot
You make
\\No sense
And crumple logic
And then ask me to believe you
Why that is, I'll never know
Perhaps I'll never know this secret.
But is that good-
How is that wise?
I ask despite the monotone
The endless silence from the sky
You voiceless dragon in the air
Dismissing every prayer
So do not wonder why I doubt
If you know my thoughts,
Than how?
Tell me now before I ask it,
Tell me the answers to my ques
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 7 3
Glass Chest
The Beast won't rest within the cage
It paces
To and fro,
Thumping dull and steadily on alabaster gates
Ever silent
Like a tongue behind clenched teeth
Be still.
A jolt offsets its rhythm
A vision from the eye, shocks the vessel into gear
Like a plug into an outlet,
Cindy's here
With haste, the Monster puts on its alter ego
A slithering Constrictor, It branches through its host
And nestles
Coiled in a cozy lump of cherry gelatin; the throat
Seizing every breath
Before the scent of milk and glitter fill the lungs.
The Greed.
The cage enhances, popping forceful as it heaves
Giving birth to snapping fractures roundabout the crystal box
There she is
Wearing her most supplest of skin, soft as pedals,
Plush and tender flesh
Dainty peach, two pleasant plums in which to feed.
Ceaseless pounding in the ear
Like a drum, hard to hear
Squeezing shut the throat
Agitated Creature cracking glass
Thin as ice
Panicked host
"Take your seats,"
The dress lifts just above the knee
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 7 5
Orange and Lemon: The Arrival
Episode 5
Orange: Pssst...Lemon.
Lemon: What?
Orange: Don't hold me to do this but...I think the truck stopped.
Lemon: You know what, Orange? For once, I think you're actually right. I think we're finally at the grocery store.
Orange: I'm scared Lemon.
Lemon: I-I know what you mean...
Orange: Its so bright!
Lemon: Keep your voice down Orange or else he'll see us!
Orange: Oh God, I think I just juiced myself.
Lemon: Oh-For God's sakes Orange!
Orange: I couldn't help it!
Lemon: Its everywhere, God...
Orange: I'm going to get closer to the edge of the box to see what's going on.
Lemon: Alright well, aaahh Geez, Orange!
Orange: What? I'm just getting closer.
Lemon: Yea you have to roll in it?
Orange: In what?
Lemon: The juice you idiot, the j- ya know what nevermind.
Orange: Well its not like I have othe
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 10 15
Time To Write
Sticky candy binds to the letters of my parchment
As I write in cursive ink with the pin point of my quill
When I scribble on papyrus I agonize on every word
I can't misspell a single thing or I would die
I dip my quill into the ink and let it drip until the stream breaks
Then I know its time to write
My mind reacts like pistons as it turns and grinds
And exercises, flexing with each thought
Its time to write!
The needle strikes the flimsy paper and it crackles underneath
The sound of it, to me, inexplicable...
What shall I write, what shall I say?
Sometimes I have no words to speak I just simply want to leak
whatever thoughts seep from my ears like an infection
I suppose it is quite the infection, this disease I have of mine
That confines me to this bed and to these sheets
Trapped in this room but I don't care.
Who would care when myself is company enough, the TV blares
But I don't really pay attention or even think to watch and listen
Time to write!
Sometimes the words rumble in a
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 13 8
Raging Red
Scream into the mirror
Til it breaks
Until it
In little pieces
Unleash the rage that's trapped inside you
Turn the faucet on and
Immerse your head into the coldness
Let your capillaries
Constricting as your heart rate starts to climb
Hold your breath until your lungs burn
And even then
Don't breathe just yet
Choke the pureness of your core
Swallow it
Release the demon from its depths
That raging red
You want to
So to destroy and sink your claws into the sink
And snap it off the plaster walls
Revealing wires, bursting pipes
Scream again and let the blood curl
Send the ice into your veins and let it
to the surface, pull your hair
Get outraged.
It isn't healthy to contain it
Let it out,
Burst the pipes that hold you back
And cry aloud into the night
And fall asleep within the mess that you've just made
Within your bathroom walls
Your cage.
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 32 17
Music of Emotion
Hide your feelings in the melody and pulsate through the bass
Feel that snare send shivers down your spine as your lover did of late
Caress the beauty of the lyrics, let them spin you till the room moves
Bang your fist into the coffee desk and give your blue tears to the blue moon
Those strings are more than instruments how they seep into your bones
Immerse yourself in pity, let your world drown in the song
The built up tension in your limbs that wants to swing and punch the ground
Do it now, while the music plays out loud.
Your soul's off pitch and that is why you need to tap into the rhythm
Clap your hands like tambourines, love's not blue its white and crimson
Bob your head, twirl your hair, squish your eyes until you feel it
Bite your bottom lip and pinch it, get your air guitar and mirror
Rock the beat until you break things, snap through harmony with air strings
Music isn't made to sit and listen
It is made to get up in it!
When its over, hunch upon the desk and wail into the
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 16 9
A Dozen Ways
I fell in love with you a dozen different ways.
In a hundred separate thoughts.
There are a thousand reasons why that I will stay and not depart.
You stole my heart like you're a bandit,
Slinking off into the night, with gloves and silence all around you,
And a laugh masking my sight.
I fell in love like we're two mountains,
Caught up in a raging storm, angry clouds are roiling over,
My heart like thunder; banging, roaring.
You are the sunshine to my meadow,
And the water to my bay.
You cripple me with love and passion, I shall never walk away.
You're love is like my air and I thank God for every breath,
How it spins and how it swirls,
How it inflates my panting chest.
Is this what love is all about, writing poems in the dark?
Stumbling, tripping, falling, weeping, catching fire with a spark.
You are like art and I'm the canvas.
Paint your soul and color me with every whim that you desire,
I'll showcase it happily.
Like a splinter you both prick and sting but scream that I'm alive.
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 7 6
You love me like the air that swirls and sticks to your lungs
You love me like you see no one else when you look down or above
You love me like a marriage
You love me like a friend
You love me like a parent
Almost like you depend upon me for everything and to go without me you'd die
Sometimes you love me like a greeting, like you can't say goodbye
I'm not trying to complain but I don't understand why
I'm not perfection
I'm not flawless
I'm not a goddess or god
I'm just a woman and you have to let me go when I wanna
You can't contain me in a box like I'm just another one of
The many necklaces you've given me
I love all of the jewelry
I love the things you give me
But enough is enough
Love is tough and sometimes it can be a trouble to chew
And that's something that I've been kinda, sorta, hoping to say to you
The memories are everlasting but the future has faded
Like your favorite pair of jeans, our love's old and dilapidated
I'm so sorry to tell you this but I think its time
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 10 9
Cat and Thief
The cat is out of the bag;
Claws retracted,
Running a muck through the house and its-
Haven't you thought about getting it out?
Don't you still have-
Get out!
The lines' been drawn in the sand.
The sand...
The sand
The sand
The sand!

I won't put up with all your foolish tricks
And Gimmi-gicks, and sticky mitts,
The cat is purring "Get me rich"
But not with my wad buddy!
So give me
and give me
Have your furball meet my hose
drenched and soaking to the tippy-toe-
I see through you both like ghosts
Control your greed,
Control your greed
If you cannot,
Let Judge Nadeen.
I now see why-
Your cat is green-
If you could...
You'd steal the steps out of a ladder
You'd steal a pitter-patter's patter.
You'd steal a dog in the hereafter
Even though you've got that
Get gone!
Get trodden flat!
Give me m
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 15 8
The Man Who Never Died
Countless men in history have dreamed of becoming the man that I am today. Sacrificing everything for their own personal gains. The fools. They could never be me. Oh, but how they've tried, some coming closer than others, though not without my permittance. They remain with the hope that they could one day replace me as I string them along like puppets. After all, all men, even I, wish to be challenged. Yes, I must always have them believe in the beauty of possibility, no matter what the truth may be.
Therefore, I believe that I have some duty, some obligation to myself, to keep the hope alive in every man. Each man must feel within his heart that he is the author of his own destiny. But the reality is, the truth is far harder to swallow. And the truth is this, there can only be one. There will always be one. And they will all be crushed, in time.
I am what men call, immortal. Though I am also secretly all powerful, but that is something they needn't know.
I haven't always been this way
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 21 12
Mature content
HEAT OF PASSION :icondoodelay:Doodelay 7 9
Hollowed Without
We are only as good as they say we are,
Ever lying to ourselves and to others;
Insisting that the truth's untrue.
Becoming more pretentious til the day breaks;
Secretly hoping the whole world enjoys.
We artists wear our art on our sleeves.
Steadfastly polite to every critic.
As though we're civil human beings,
Inwardly we're ravenous to win their souls.
Cursing all negativity,
Though without, we're stunted.
Counting averages, and ratios;
We leap for joy inside our souls.
As hundreds appreciate what our mind's create.
But its far from satisfactory,
When there is more to be gained.
We wanna be verified.
Because sincerely and truly speaking,
We feel hollow without consent.
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 10 3
My Friend Caterpillar
Hello there little caterpillar
We're alike, you and I
That's why we're best of friends I think
Because you never say goodbye
You always only say hello
And when I'm all alone
You're there for me
You're always there,
In those times I need you most
I know I thank you for a lot
But you're the only friend I've got
What's a little girl to do?
I wish I was small as you.
Then I'd never have to leave
Maybe if we just believe
I can close my eyes and be like you
Sitting, inching on the leaves
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 16 5


Here's my youtube channel guys.

I make videos now that allow me to utilize my love of writing while branching off to a larger audience.

Not to mention an alluring paycheck :P

Anyways, I started exactly one week ago today and I feel like I'm doin pretty good. Sure be glad if I had your support ^^

You can actually see me for once now haha…

See you there :D


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I like to write
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I gotta story i'm workin on
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Watch me if ya like it
If ya don't, leave a note

I'mma really cool guy
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Its not cause I'm an ass
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So anyways peeps
I'm out, just sayin


Favs and watches ya'll
So don't be hatin


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